15 Books that Will Actually Change Your Future

Wow!  I’ve actually read a couple of these!  Usually, when someone comes out with one of these lists, I’m like, “Hhhm, never heard of it, and probably will never find time time to read it.” But, after seeing authors I am familiar with, as well as a couple books I’ve read, I felt this may be a list worth a second look.

Guest blogger, Julia McCoy from Express Writers, compiled her version of the perfect summer reading list, and I agree!  Julie believes each book “can, in their own way, bring across a powerful message that has the ability to touch a reader’s life and change it for the better.”

Here is the first recommendation on Julia’s list:

1. Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell
“Orwell is known for his scary dystopian masterpiece, 1984, and his political commentary, Animal Farm,but his nonfiction is where all the life lessons are. Down and Out is a great story about his life in poverty, how he learned to cope with a world crumbling around him, and how he worked to get himself out of it. A powerful and encouraging read.”

You’ll be glad having read these top fifteen books this summer, and my guess is, you’ve probably already read a few of these.


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