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Roseburg, OR

Bio: Hello from rural Roseburg, Oregon (about an hour from Eugene). I've taught for middle school, high school, and a community college, but recently left my adjunct position to return to substitute teaching at the secondary level, in order to focus on my studies. Most of my work at the secondary level was as an English or ELL teacher. I’ve been working towards a Ph.D. in Education with my specialization in Learning, Instruction, and Innovation, so at some point I’d like to design curriculum and assist new teachers. On a personal note, being a single parent of two teenagers, keeps me very busy. I love buying and selling on Ebay, looking around antique stores, or just kicking back with my kids (when they tear themselves away from friends and cell phones). My teaching experience: Middle School Instructor, Reading-4 yrs. High School Instructor, English/ELD-6 yrs. Jr. College Instructor, GED, Dev Ed., College Success, AHSD-2 yrs.

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One thought on “About

  1. Please post on your site. We would like to get these free DVD’s to as many secondary social studies teachers as possible. Free DVD info:

    Dear Educator,

    The National Issues Forums Institute, in collaboration with the Kettering Foundation, is providing a free informational DVD to be used by civic and educational organizations interested in addressing public issues. The Agency for Instructional Technology is distributing these DVDs.

    Please share this link (http://www.ait.net/products/nifi_classroom/dvd/) with anyone that may benefit from using these materials. Feel free to contact us at info@ait.net if you have any questions.

    Thank you,

    Rolanda Kirkley
    Agency for Instructional Technology


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