138 Practical Ed Tech Tip Videos

Free Technology for Teachers organized a cumulative list of 138 fabulous, easy to follow videos aimed “at tools for flipping your classroom, videos on managing workflow, social media tips, search strategies, and media production.”  But one does not have to be a teacher to find some of these quite useful.

Many of the tools or videos are aimed at assisting anyone using Google docs or apps.  3 Helpful Google Drive Settings is just one of those videos.

This is a definite resource for everyone to bookmark!


Camp Google – Learn About Oceans, Animals, Space, and Music

Google Camp is an online educational camp for kids.  This is a four week program designed for seven to ten year old children. Each week has its own theme. This week is Ocean Week.  Camp Google features videos, live and recorded, with experts in each week’s thematic topic. The videos are designed to inform as well as prompt further inquiry by students. Students can conduct virtual investigations through Camp Google. Students, with the help of an adult, can also participate in hands-on learning activities related to the theme of each week of Camp Google.

Materials list for the hands-on activities are available to download on the Camp Google website, or checking here:


Three Classroom Uses for the Vocaroo Audio Recorder: Formative & Peer Feedback and Read Aloud

Vocaroo is a simple, free voice recorder that allows users to create an audio recording with just a few clicks. Once recorded, the audio file can remain on the Vocaroo servers and be easily transmitted via a link, or it can be downloaded into several different file types including MP3, Ogg, FLAC, or WAV. Additionally, it can be embedded onto a blog or website or shared via several social media buttons.

Since Vocaroo is web-based, it’s great companion for the Chromebook classroom or any web-based environment. Students and teachers can easily record and share their thoughts with each other. The audio recordings become opportunities for formative assessment and feedback as well as a neat way to have students double-check their writing for errors.

Educators will find detailed instructions for the three applications and additional resources to learn more about working with Google Apps, Web Tools, and Chromebooks, by visiting EdTechTeacher.