Free Webinars! Laura Candler Teacher Resources

Webinars are available in MP4 video format to watch on a mobile device, but watching them on your computer in Blackboard will give you a more interactive experience.

It may be possible to earn Professional Development credit for attending a live webinar.  Information available on the website.  Multiple, previously recorded webinars are available for viewing, when convenient. These webinars take place in a virtual classroom at Blackboard Collaborate.  Here are a few examples of webinars available:

Active Engagement Strategies for Success (Parts I and II)

DonorsChoose Tips for Success

Sowing the Seeds of Success: Creating a Caring Classroom

There are many, many more webinars to choose!

Teaching Resources was created by a classroom teacher who loves teaching and has spent years writing books and developing a huge online collection of lessons and printables. She taught for 30 years in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade, so her resources tend to appeal to upper elementary and middle school teachers. In addition, Laura’s teaching style includes many active engagement strategies such as cooperative learning, interactive whiteboard use, and learning centers. She has a passion for sharing those types of lessons with other teachers. She enjoys finding the best, most powerful teaching strategies and make them easy to implement. She’s currently taking a year off from the classroom to create more resources and learn more about how to use technology in the classroom, but plans to return in the fall of this year.