Realtime Board-Free Tool for Teachers to Host Online, Collaborative Sessions

Realtime Board provides a blank canvas on which you can type, draw, and post pictures.  Realtime Board is built with HTML5, meaning it works equally well on laptops and on iPads or Android tablets.  The boards that are created on a Realtime Board can be shared publicly or privately. To help communicate with collaborators, Realtime Board has a chat function built into every board.

Realtime Board grants teachers and students access to all premium features for free.


Welcome to Free Resources for Everything that’s Education

If you’re new to my blog, here’s a little intro.


So, why a site for free educational resources you might ask?  Why not!?  After being asked time and time again, “Hey, where did you find that great link?” or “Wow, I can’t believe you didn’t pay anything for [whatever]…” I decided to create a place for sharing the best-of-best resources for parents, students, and educators.

Who doesn’t like getting something for free?  There are literally hundreds of businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations willing to contribute to educators and students.  Among the items I’ve personally received and will be listing links to include:

Downloadable curriculum: all subjects, K-12, Adult Basic Skills Development, GED, Pre-GED

Links to current educational articles, websites, and other educational needs, i.e., apps, tutoring, and other types of support.

Free classroom supplies, i.e., book marks, pencils, posters, stickers, DVD’s, and more.

Free professional development opportunities, i.e., webinars, DVD’s, PDU’s, study guides.

Last, but not least, an opportunity for…

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20 Teachers to Follow on Pinterest

If you need some amazing teachers to follow on Pinterest, you have come to the right place.  Pinterest is so helpful when it comes to getting new teaching ideas and inspiration.  I started posted on Pinterest a couple years ago as 98fallon, but haven’t spent the time on this particular social media site.

I currently have three educational boards: two dedicated to secondary or higher items and one for my preschool or elementary level (pre-8).  To be honest, I’ve done very little posting to these boards lately, but if you’re looking for educators who post regularly on Pinterest, then look no further!

Emily Liscom, author of Education to the Core, has put together a fantastic list of twenty, awesome, educational bloggers.

Direct link:

The Presidential-Great Educational Political Game for Adults & Kids

I normally only post about “free” educational resources for parents, educators, and students, but I was given the game called The Presidential and asked to review it.  If I liked the game, I said I would let my followers, friends, and colleagues know what thought about it…well, I’ll say this, if you’re an educator looking for a fun way for students to understand how our electoral system works, this is a fabulous way learn.

Students battle it out in teams as Republicans vs. Democrats.  There are so many great learning opportunities for instructors to incorporate classroom instruction with the game. The game is reasonably priced, between $30-35 (including shipping) on Amazon,, and Ebay.  I like the fact that you could divide a class into two teams.  The age limit on this is 11+ Adult, but it really depends on the students.

And, if you’re not an educator, quite honestly, it would probably be a fun party game for those friends who always wanting to talk “politics.”

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Camp Google – Learn About Oceans, Animals, Space, and Music

Google Camp is an online educational camp for kids.  This is a four week program designed for seven to ten year old children. Each week has its own theme. This week is Ocean Week.  Camp Google features videos, live and recorded, with experts in each week’s thematic topic. The videos are designed to inform as well as prompt further inquiry by students. Students can conduct virtual investigations through Camp Google. Students, with the help of an adult, can also participate in hands-on learning activities related to the theme of each week of Camp Google.

Materials list for the hands-on activities are available to download on the Camp Google website, or checking here:

Three Classroom Uses for the Vocaroo Audio Recorder: Formative & Peer Feedback and Read Aloud

Vocaroo is a simple, free voice recorder that allows users to create an audio recording with just a few clicks. Once recorded, the audio file can remain on the Vocaroo servers and be easily transmitted via a link, or it can be downloaded into several different file types including MP3, Ogg, FLAC, or WAV. Additionally, it can be embedded onto a blog or website or shared via several social media buttons.

Since Vocaroo is web-based, it’s great companion for the Chromebook classroom or any web-based environment. Students and teachers can easily record and share their thoughts with each other. The audio recordings become opportunities for formative assessment and feedback as well as a neat way to have students double-check their writing for errors.

Educators will find detailed instructions for the three applications and additional resources to learn more about working with Google Apps, Web Tools, and Chromebooks, by visiting EdTechTeacher.

Free Webinars! Laura Candler Teacher Resources

Webinars are available in MP4 video format to watch on a mobile device, but watching them on your computer in Blackboard will give you a more interactive experience.

It may be possible to earn Professional Development credit for attending a live webinar.  Information available on the website.  Multiple, previously recorded webinars are available for viewing, when convenient. These webinars take place in a virtual classroom at Blackboard Collaborate.  Here are a few examples of webinars available:

Active Engagement Strategies for Success (Parts I and II)

DonorsChoose Tips for Success

Sowing the Seeds of Success: Creating a Caring Classroom

There are many, many more webinars to choose!

Teaching Resources was created by a classroom teacher who loves teaching and has spent years writing books and developing a huge online collection of lessons and printables. She taught for 30 years in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade, so her resources tend to appeal to upper elementary and middle school teachers. In addition, Laura’s teaching style includes many active engagement strategies such as cooperative learning, interactive whiteboard use, and learning centers. She has a passion for sharing those types of lessons with other teachers. She enjoys finding the best, most powerful teaching strategies and make them easy to implement. She’s currently taking a year off from the classroom to create more resources and learn more about how to use technology in the classroom, but plans to return in the fall of this year.

GED-Free Science and Social Studies Training For Educators

These are self-paced, online courses which review basic information about each test subject and delve into each specific content area. Video segments in the courses feature footage from training sessions conducted in the KET studios, in partnership with Kentucky Adult Education.

The courses are free, but you’ll have to set up a account to take them.

23 Great Library Blogs

The leg work has been done just for you librarians!  Whether you’re looking for examples of great library blogs because you’re wanting to create your own, or you’re wanting to subscribe, here’s a wonderful list.

To make that process easier, Edublogs has compiled a list of library blogs.

Free Math Worksheets (Yes, this is the title of their site)

Worksheets are grouped into sections: Geometry and Algebra and Pre-Algebra. Each section contains worksheets with different complexities, each worksheet has 10 assignments each with 24 questions and answer sheet. So each free math worksheet has 240 unique questions.  

Okay, so what makes this website different from the hundreds of other ones offering worksheets?  Their math professor solves a minimum of three questions from each category and then they will publish the video with each worksheet so you can see exactly how to solve the question!  Visual-audio learners, this one is for you!

Free Math Worksheets has successfully combined step-by-step instruction with Youtube videos, creating a unique learning environment aimed at easing the stress that often accompanies mathematics.